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7 major inducements of gout
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Factors that tend to induce gout in life.

So far, the number of Chinese patients with hyperuricemia approach 170 million, and the incidence rate is over 13%. At the same time, there are more than 78 million patients of gout. The incidence of gout gradually tends to the young.
At midnight, somebody might wake up with a start because of the pain of feet. It would get heavier and heavier, and the joints were red, swollen, hot and sore, even causing headache, fever, systemic symptom such as leukocytosis. This was not an infection, but gout (acute gouty arthritis) which a large number of people were suffering from. Most acute gouty arthritis are caused by the rapid fluctuation of blood uric acid. Today, i am going to talk about the causes of gout in our lives, so we can keep an eye on them.
1. Drinking
No matter it is white wine, beer, yellow wine, or foreign wine, they are all the same and we should keep away from them because alcohol will cause a rapid rise in blood uric acid, and provide purine material.
2. Catch a cold
Once the joint gets cold, the temperature of the joint decreases, and the uric acid in the blood is easy to separate urate crystal out in the joint which can trigger gout. The most common cause of gout is catching cold after drinking.
3. Gluttony
Eating a large amount of high purine food, such as liver, kidney and other animal organs, or seafood, beef, mutton, and other meats, can make blood uric acid rapidly increase. In addition, there is a high level of purine in the broth,which should be paid attention on.
4. Fatigue and disordered rest and work.
Fatigue and disordered rest and work lead to exhaustion of energy, the accumulation of metabolites and changes of body internal environment. Meanwhile, It also affects the metabolism of uric acid in the body and then increases the risk of gout attacks.
5. Passive smoking.
If people around you often smoke, the risk of getting gout is higher to you, probably due to the burden from the smokers .
6. Joint damage.
Strenuous exercise, walking too much and something else will cause chronic lower limb joint damage, leukocytosis in joint fluid. Then uric acid will stimulate white blood cells to produce inflammatory cytokines, causing aseptic inflammation, and inducing gout.
7. Don't drink water.
Uric acid in the body is mainly excreted through the kidneys with urine. Drink water can produce more urine. Also, it is important to drink plenty of water during gout, which can help shorten the duration of gout.
It should be reminded that the blood uric acid concentration is reduced rapidly by ruric-acid-lowering drugs such as Febuxosta and benzbromarone. The surface of the gouty tophus is dissolved, releasing a monosodium urate crystal, which can also cause gout attacks. During an attack, patients who had regular use of uric acidcan continue to use ruric-acid-lowering drugs; patients who had not should not take medicines until gout vanishes more than a week.
What kind of people are more likely to get gout?
1.In terms of gender, men are more likely to get gout than women, with a ratio of 20 to 1.
2.Older people are more likely to suffer from gout than younger ones, and usually the onset of gout is around 45.
3. Obese people are more likely to suffer from gout, especially those who are inactive, eat much meat protein and have excess nutrients.

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